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A Principle-Approach® Pre-K-宾夕法尼亚州兰开斯特县的12基督教学校
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The Principle Approach®


The Principle Approach® to education focuses on consistent and ordered teaching and learning. 目标是建立学生的基督徒品格和自治意识, Christian scholarship, 和圣经推理的终身学习和门徒.


  • 它的哲学起源于圣经吗
  • Has distinctive methodology revealed through a biblical pedagogy of teaching and learning
  • Unfolds the character and nature of God as revealed in Scripture and demonstrated in the Creator
  • 发现神对人和政府的旨意
  • Is applicable to all times and cultures

As Christians, 原则方法帮助我们在认识神(他的目的和方式)方面成熟起来。, 预备我们将基督的国扩展到地极. As American Christians, the Principle Approach enables us to discern the biblical principles of government upon which our nation was founded, thereby, 让我们有能力恢复几代人以来被系统地摧毁的东西.

原则方法的核心教导学生从圣经真理中推理, or principles, 并将其应用于生活的各个领域. 黎明基督教学院的每一堂课都以神的话语开始. 从神圣的数学语言到历史上的上帝之手, 每个主题都是从上帝作为作者的角度来教授的. Students learn biblical principles that lead to the discovery of the origin and purpose of every subject and how God has used men and nations to advance His Kingdom. The purpose of education, under this philosophy, is to enlighten the understanding, shape the character, form the habits of discipline, 让年轻的男女们准备好去实现上帝赋予他们的潜能.

Students are taught to think and reason from biblical principles and apply them to every area of life. 学生被教导如何思考,而不是思考什么. In the setting of the Christian school, 这些原则最初是在各种学校科目的背景下教授的, 提供了一幅清晰的图画,描绘了创造它们的上帝的性格和本性. 学生参与4r学习研究, Reason, Relate, 而《BCK体育注册官网》是一种建立圣经世界观的方法论. 笔记本是作为活生生的课程记录而开发的, taught and modeled by the teacher, 以及学生的研究和推理. The notebook becomes a resource for future learning, while providing evidence of lasting scholarship.

Classical Curriculum

原则方法采用包括逻辑在内的经典课程, rhetoric, hermeneutics, Latin and Greek, classical literature, and the providential view of history. A Principle Approach education embraces the liberal arts as a means of forming the whole person through studies in the sciences and humanities, the fine and performing arts, and athletics. Beyond the regular school curriculum, the Principle Approach specifically examines and instructs students in the biblical principles of government, teaching them to think governmentally, from cause to effect, from internal to external. Students recognize that the degree of liberty individuals enjoy in our nation is directly connected to the degree in which the biblical principles of God’s Word are embraced and followed.

Historical Method of Education

The Principle Approach is the kind of education that prevailed during America’s first two hundred years. This method produced men and women who were able to reason from biblical principles of government to form the world’s first Christian constitutional federal republic—The United States of America. 这个伟大的实验是建立在基督教对上帝的观念之上的, man, and government, and it afforded the greatest degree of liberty for the individual experienced up to that time.


God’s Principle of Individuality: 只有一位神,祂是万物的主宰. 上帝创造的宇宙万物都是他品格的表现, His nature, His infinity, and His individuality.

基督教自治原则: 让基督在一个人的内心掌权. The amount of liberty one enjoys is directly related to the degree to which that individual governs himself according to God’s Word.

The Seed Principle: Moving from cause to effect, the seed of local Christian self-government is planted internally in the heart of the individual and then moves outwardly to affect the family, the church, and the civil spheres.

The Principle of Christian Character: 一个自治的共和国需要一个有道德的人民才能维持下去.

The Christian Idea of Civil Government: Civil government takes into account man’s sinful nature and exists to secure the God-given rights of the individual. 公民政府是基于上帝的律法,而不是人民的意志.

The Christian Principle of Property: 一个人为之劳动的东西,成为他的财产. The individual has a property in his thoughts and beliefs, as well as in his physical possessions. “Conscience is our most sacred property.”1

The Principle of Unity: 与多样性的统一是上帝本性的反映, 启示于三位一体,并在宇宙中创造性地表达出来. Internal unity produces external union. These and other biblical principles are vital for maintaining the integrity of our republic. 如果我们忘记或放弃这些原则, we will become, as colonial governor John Winthrop said, “a byword among the nations.”2

1 James Madison, Chief architect of the U.S. Constitution.
2 约翰·温斯洛普,基督教慈善典范,1630年.


One of the distinctive attributes of a Principle Approach education at Dayspring Christian Academy is the annual writing and presenting of the oration. 演说分为两步,写作阶段和公开演讲阶段. It is challenging, but rewarding. Our Headmaster’s Oration Competition Finalists are selected to present their orations at events including the Patriots Celebration Dinner and the Remember America Speaker Series. 在Dayspring,我们认为提出问题很重要. 学生们被教导要寻找原始的和主要的资料,问“为什么”?” and relentlessly pursue truth. It is important for Dayspring students to learn to articulate their beliefs and convey them in writing and in speaking. 演说过程是原则方法的一个标志. Each spring, students write a persuasive oration on a topic of their choosing and must present it in the fall during the Headmaster’s Oration Competition. Topics are passionately held beliefs of our students who learn to effectively communicate through written and spoken word.

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The Classics

The Principle Approach springs out of the early American model of classical Christian education, 而更常见的古典教育则是以中世纪的欧洲体系为基础的. 这两种方法有很多相似之处, 但是在方法上有很大的不同. 而美国殖民者和开国元勋们了解并借鉴了经典, they drew much more directly from the Bible as it relates to various aspects of civil life, including government, personal property, and Christian character development. 你可以在我们的博客上了解更多, What is a Principle Approach School?

At Dayspring, 学生们通过经典的逻辑学科来学习, which exercises students in the mechanics of truth and enables them to work through ideas and develop mature views.

In rhetoric, students learn to communicate persuasively to better defend their faith and position themselves as leaders wherever God may call them.

Hermeneutics provides an explanation and interpretation of the original texts of Scripture.

As a Principle Approach school, Dayspring teaches students to use primary and original sources. 因此,教授古典语言拉丁语和新约希腊语. As students learn New Testament Greek, 他们能够读到希腊原文,读到圣经的原貌, 而拉丁语是理解许多英语单词的基础. 它为英语单词分类和理解意义提供了良好的结构, suffixes, prefixes. Latin supports the English language.

The Notebook Method

笔记本法是学者的方法. 这与当今追求快速回报的文化背道而驰, instant information, and learning at the surface. It takes discipline and work ethic.

The Notebook Method is a product of the student’s creativity and a permanent record of his productivity. It assists parents and teachers in overseeing progress and visually demonstrates the character development, diligence, and responsibility of the student.

Dayspring的学生将科技作为保存电子笔记本的工具. 电子笔记本必须整齐,每个科目都有单独的文件夹. 笔记本方法的相同原则适用于电子保存的笔记本.

Traditional schools employ methods that often involve regurgitation of learning with the end goal of test mastery. 考试结束后,可能没有什么学习记录. The Notebook Method is in keeping with the Principle Approach’s philosophy of “consistent and ordered teaching and productivity.当一个孩子完成了一门课程, 他对自己所学的知识有完整的记录, 并有他的成就的视觉表现. 要了解更多BCK体育注册官网笔记本法的知识, 在我们的博客上阅读BCK体育注册官网笔记本方法的内容!

A Providential View of History

看待历史有两种方式:通过世俗的视角或通过上帝的视角. 世俗的历史观认为人是掌握一切的. 相反的观点是,神掌管一切,积极参与人的生活. 后者通常被称为天意历史观.

Our study of history becomes truly Christian when students learn to recognize the hand of God as the cause of events. From this perspective, students understand that God has a plan for each nation…and each person. Students learn to see that because God used ordinary people in the past, He is doing the same now. Students learn to ask, if that was God’s plan for these people, then what is His plan for me?

Learn more about Providential history in this blog. 

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