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✓谁: 6日至8日的成绩

✓时: 5天/周,八月底至六月初

✓位置: Conveniently located just 1 minute from the Mountville exit of Route 30 in Lancaster County, PA



We recognize that middle school students are beginning to ask questions—big questions—about the world in which they live 和 their part in it.

中学生想知道他们并不孤单. So, 在兰开斯特的黎明基督教学院读中学(6-8年级), 私人助理注重学生的参与. We want students to know that their education is their property— a part of them that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. 既然我们观察和教导 教育是认识上帝的途径 自己, a student’s educational journey exists to find his or her place of effectiveness in God’s Kingdom. 这让教育变得如此令人兴奋!

原则方法是我们的教育方法. 通过原则方法, 学生能够看到上帝的手在每一个科目和生活的每一个领域. 以神的话语为一切学习的中心, students are able to reason through their subject matter to reach 圣经 conclusions.

在中学, 学生开始有各种各样的科目和老师, all the while needing the stability 和 structure that provide a foundation to everyday learning experiences. 为了适应这种转变, 6th-grade teachers often use similar classroom routines 和 procedures so that middle school students are not overwhelmed with many, 有许多新的实践需要学习.


  • 放学后: 中学生没有课外活动
  • 为有天赋或有特殊需要的学生提供的项目? 是的. 请查阅我们的 学生支持服务页面 有关详细信息,.
  • 学校保安/安全协议等.  Appropriate security measures are in place to ensure that our families feel confident that their precious children are safe, 被爱,被照顾.
  • 学费: 6-8年级13,900美元
  • 经济援助信息: 可获得财政援助. 打电话给约翰·里德尔 717-285-2000 有关详细信息,.






因为大多数中学生寻求与同龄人的社交互动, Dayspring’s teachers design collaborative projects 和 other hybrid learning activities that channel students’ energy, 吸引他们的注意力, 并使学科掌握.

例如, 数学老师让学生阅读, 讨论, 然后介绍一篇BCK体育注册官网圣经数学观点的非小说文章的发现. Another collaborative math project has students working together to create math equations that result in the date–one for every school day of every school month of the year! Another has students “open” a checking account then keep accurate records for purchases, all the while practicing accurate accounting through real-life addition 和 subtraction.

This is, of course, in addition to the traditional math lessons expected in middle school. 因为Dayspring提供的是手工教育, 根据测试的能力,学生们被安排参加数学课程.




中学校长历史课是什么样的? 在黎明, 在最近一次八年级的历史课上, 例如, 两个学生建议全班辩论基督徒的角色, 教会, 和政府! 它们是如何单独行动的? How should these roles act in an integrated fashion with a society that is not all Christian? Students crafted questions to consider these complex issues that are applicable to the world in which they live. 他们讨论了政府的责任,也讨论了被统治者的责任. 其中一个立即付诸行动的责任就是祷告. 全班为我们的国会议员祈祷, 总统, 又盼望有公平、公义的律法.


在文学, students delve into reading 和 are challenged with assignments that include 搜索es in God’s word, looking for beneficial character traits in literary characters that can be emulated, 写他们自己的祈祷词. H和s-on activities as opposed to desk work are incorporated to allow for collaborative skills to grow, 社会关系有待建立, 并挑战学生从不同的角度看问题. All of these varying learning opportunities aid in the mastery of material being covered.


中学是孩子心灵形成的关键时期. 为此目的, 在每周的礼拜时间, 学生们按年级和性别分成小组, 和 each group has a mentor who engages with students in 讨论ion 和 prayer about the topic at h和. This provides opportunities for spiritual community as well as simple friendship 和 underst和ing, 哪里的墙开始倒塌. 另外, an annual retreat brings students together for a two-day experience that includes outside speakers, 深切祈祷的时光——和朋友们一起参加冒险课程等等!

进一步, 在《BCK体育注册官网》中,上帝是每一个主题的中心, a biblical foundation is forged 和 spiritual formation takes shape as a biblical worldview is cultivated 和 faith is inspired throughout the academic experience.

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圣经说:“你们来看主的作为。. 66.5). 6-8年级, teachers prepare students to experience in-depth learning in exciting 和 rich 场 studies. 六年级学生露营和调查 葛底斯堡 和 share biographical reports each has written about a Very Important Person (VIP) in the battle; 7th grade travels to the 费城自然历史博物馆 他们的古代史课程和 创造博物馆“遇见方舟 for science; 8th grade heads to the 哈里斯堡大厦国家博物馆 as well as Lancaster’s Guilty Pleas Court for their Pennsylvania History 和 Civics class.

体育运动 & 课外活动

Dayspring’s middle school students are able to participate in a variety of sports 和 extra-curricular activities. 秋季运动包括男子足球和女子排球. 冬天是男孩和女孩打篮球的季节. 春天来了 & 场. 另外, middle school students are able to participate in clubs 和 extra-curricular activities including our spring musical, 学生会, 年鉴, STEM-related俱乐部, 与音乐有关的俱乐部, 还有更多.

The middle school experience at Dayspring Christian Academy is an exciting one with excellent academics 和 the opportunity to create friendships that can last a lifetime.



What is the school year like for middle school students at Dayspring Christian Academy?
Middle school year is a st和ard 5 Days/Week, from the end of August to the beginning of June.
每班24人,每年级1班(6 - 8年级).
在黎明, 我们认为每个孩子都是独一无二的个体, 由慈爱的造物主所创造, 并以此为价值. 正是因为这一点,“曙光”创建了P139项目, 以诗篇139:14命名, 和 designed to teach students at all levels who require alternative or differentiated methods of instruction, 所以他们可能会发挥自己的潜力.

黎明中学的教室宽敞明亮,热情友好. Appropriate security measures are in place to ensure that our families feel confident that their precious children are safe, 爱, 而且照顾得很好.

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Will my child use the same textbook as government schools or other Christian schools?

Dayspring的学生确实使用以技能为导向的课程的教科书, 总的来说, 虽然, 教科书被用作资源工具. Students 和 teachers alike develop highly specialized notebooks that become the primary teaching-learning tools that enhance internalization of the material. All textbooks are selected with care in alignment with biblical truth 和 rooted in primary sources.

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The Bible clearly teaches that the responsibility of education belongs to parents, not the State. 箴言说:“敬畏耶和华是智慧的开端。.只有教导我们的孩子神的话语中的真理, will we ensure that they can adequately meet the challenges of a secular world 和 affect that world dynamically for the cause of Christ.

是的! 参观Dayspring是一个很好的方式来得到你的问题的答案, 了解更多BCK体育注册官网的信息, 认识一下中学的老师和教职员工, 看看我们如何满足您孩子的个性化教育需求.



我们为您和您的孩子提供私人旅游. 另外, middle 和 high school students are able to experience a day of school at Dayspring through our visitation program. 打电话给卡罗尔·黑斯廷斯 717-285-2000 或使用下面的按钮注册.

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